George Herbert  "The Pearl"

George Herbert  “The Pearl”

“The poem ‘The Pearl’ is based on a passage from the Gospel of Matthew (13:45-46)—’Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls. When he finds one pearl of great value, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.’



In this poem, we witness the speaker renouncing three principal commodities of the world. In the first stanza, he abandons scholarship; in the second, honor; and in the third, pleasure. Each of these stanzas represents a sort of labyrinth of human knowledge through which the speaker works, striving to transcend worldly values and reach salvation through divine love.”



George Herbert  “The Pearl”


George Herbert  "The Pearl"
George Herbert  “The Pearl”




                                                                 The Pearl


                                   George Herbert


I know all these, and have them in my hand:
Therefore not sealed, but with open eyes
I flie to thee, and fully understand
Both the main sale, and the commodities;
And at what rate and price I have thy love;
With all the circumstances that may move:
Yet through the labyrinths, not my groveling wit,
But thy silk twist let down from heav’n to me,
Did both conduct and teach me, how by it

George Herbert  “The Pearl”-



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