Religious Poem: George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’

Religious Poem: George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’

Welcome to our literary exploration blog where we dive deep into the spiritual and poetic world of George Herbert, a 17th-century metaphysical poet whose devotion to divine themes has left an indelible mark on English literature.



In this blog, we will closely examine Herbert’s renowned collection “The Temple,” which showcases his unique ability to weave religious devotion into the fabric of poetry.



From the poignant reflections on Christ’s Passion in “The Sacrifice” to the serene meditations on divine love in “Love(III),” each entry in this collection invites us into a contemplative space to reflect on the depth of spiritual life and human emotion. Join us as we unfold the layers of Herbert’s poetic contributions, celebrating his timeless influence on the world of religious poetry.



Religious Poem: George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’

Religious Poem: George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’
Religious Poem: George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’


George Herbert, an eminent metaphysical poet of the 17th century, contributed profoundly to the domain of religious poetry. His works are celebrated for their depth, spiritual insight, and poetic brilliance. This document provides an overview of Herbert’s background and a concise table of contents of one of his notable collections, “The Temple”.


George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’
George Herbert ‘the Passion of Christ’


About the Author

George Herbert was born in England during the 17th century and is widely regarded as a genius among metaphysical poets. His tenure as the Public Orator at Cambridge University allowed him to hone his rhetorical skills. Herbert’s poetic oeuvre is encapsulated in his collection titled “The Temple”, where he dedicated his talents not to secular love poetry but to extolling the divine glory of God.



Book Table of Contents


The Sacrifice
This poem delves into the Passion of Christ, exploring the profound themes of suffering and crucifixion that Jesus endured.




Addressing the significant theme of Christ’s redemptive power, this poem reflects on the theological implications of redemption.



Focused on the theme of Holy Communion, “Love(III)” meditates on the deep and abiding love of Jesus Christ.



The Flower
Here, Herbert draws an analogy between humans and flowers, exploring the natural and spiritual lifecycle of both.


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George Herbert’s “The Temple” stands as a monumental work in the canon of English literature, offering readers a profound insight into the spiritual and religious contemplations of a devoted poet. Each poem within the collection invites the reader into a deeper understanding of divine love and human existence, solidifying Herbert’s legacy as a master of metaphysical and religious poetry.



The Cross
The Cross




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