George Herbert  "Aaron"

  George Herbert  “Aaron”

“Aaron” depicts the transformation of a flawed and worldly human into an ideal priest, attaining holiness and righteousness through Christ.



George Herbert  “Aaron”


George Herbert  "Aaron"
George Herbert  “Aaron”





                                             George Herbert

Holinesse on the head,

Light and perfections on the breast,

Harmonious bells below, raising the dead

To leade them unto life and rest:

Thus are true Aarons drest.

Profanenesse in my head,

Defects and darknesse in my breast,

A noise of passions ringing me for dead

Unto a place where is no rest:

Poore priest thus am I drest.

Onely another head

I have, another heart and breast,

Another musick, making live not dead,

Without whom I could have no rest:

In him I am well drest.

Christ is my onley head,

My alone onley heart and breast,

My onely musick, striking me ev’n dead;

That to the old man I may rest,

And be in him newdrest.

So holy in my head,

Perfect and light in my deare breast,

My doctrine tun’d by Christ, (who is not dead,

But lives in me while I do rest)

Come people; Aaron’s drest.

George Herbert  “Aaron”-





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